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Ventilation System

Ventilation System or ventilation system It is responsible for managing the movement of air in a specified amount. to flow in the desired direction with the desired speed to transfer heat, humidity, odors, smoke, and other pollutants. Get out of the workplace and bring fresh air into its place.

Air Duct

Industrial Ventilation System

Ventilation systems for industrial plants Most designs are often designed to absorb contaminants at the point of origin. Or in the production process that causes contaminants that may affect those who work in the area, the creation of ventilation systems that are suitable for contaminant control measures high efficiency and save energy Therefore, it is an inevitable important thing in the industry.


The general components of the system are as follows: 1. Hood 2. Air Duct 3. Filter (Air Cleaner) 4. Blower (Exhaust Blower)

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Stainless Steel

Ventilation System


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