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Why IoT ?

Internet of Things or IoT is the way that electronic devices can link or send information to each other via the Internet, enabling users to command or control various devices. those from a long-distance Including linking those devices together to exchange information and make decisions according to the conditions. Therefore, it has become a system that we often hear is a smart system.

At present, IoT Getting closer and closer to our lives, we have brought IoT into the home, in the car, in the office, at work. until the agricultural sector including the industrial sector as well

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PLC Control

Programmable logic control or PLC is a device for controlling the operation of machines or processes. Within the PLC, there is a Microprocessor. that we will be able to program various functions down to the machine And the devices work as we want, with input receiver and output ports that are convenient to connect to machines. and different equipment to be used immediately


In addition to PLCs that can be used as stand-alone or offline, PLCs can also be connected to multiple PLCs under the same network. to support the work of larger systems And help increase the efficiency of use even more, For this reason, various industrial plants It is popular to change the factory control from the system. Manual to use PLC together more sure enough

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SCADA System

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a server system for controlling work within an industrial plant. It is possible to monitor and control industrial processes from computers within the same network. SCADA systems are typically used in conjunction with PLCs to monitor and control the operation of industrial machines.

In addition to the SCADA system that can be used to control the operation of various equipment and machines in the industrial plant, SCADA itself also has a feature for recording values ​​and data. from the past work process to the present to analyze the data for use in machine learning, better known as Big Data.

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Automation System


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